Below are several recordings and projects that feature Yaniv.


Beethoven Reimagined

CD - To be released late 2018

When's the last time you heard "new" music by BEETHOVEN? I love Beethoven, and I love new music. This record combines both.


The Mice War

DVD  - 2017

The Mice War is an Opera for children that teaches about the absurdity of war and acceptance of cultural diversity  while exposing them to classical music. 

This is a little story about the industrious Blue Mice that live in the North and the passive Red Mice that live on an Island way in the south. The Blue Mice need to make more money so they decide they need to have a war. The reason for the war? The Blue Mice eat blue cheese and the Red Mice eat yellow cheese. What would happen if the Red Mice came and made the Blue Mice eat yellow Cheese???


Joy and Sorrow

CD - 2015

While attending the Polish premiere of his opera The Mice War at Krakow Opera, David Chesky and conductor Yaniv Segal took a life changing trip to the extermination camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Emotionally shaken by the experience, David wanted to create works not only depicting the trauma and sorrows of the death camps, but also the joy and celebrations that encompass all aspects of Jewish life. The music is at times full of angst while constantly pulsating with life and raw rhythmic energy that reflect the rich cultural history and musical tradition of Jews. Using the language and Klezmer style of Eastern Europe as raw material, David has redefined what Jewish music for orchestra sounds like.