Thank you!

A few months ago, I ventured into the previously unknown-to-me world of crowd-funding, at least unknown on a personal level; I had contributed to some projects before, but I had not set up my own funding campaign. I was unsure what to expect, but the response was not only incredibly positive, but by reaching out to friends whom I hadn't seen in a while but whom I thought may be interested in my project, I felt that I was able to re-connect with many people in a meaningful way. I hope that all who have contributed to this recording understand how important you are to not just this particular recording, but to the Arts, friendships and social relationships, and -while skirting a bit close to being hyperbolic- to humanity in general. Why are we drawn to arts/entertainment? Through the arts, humans are all connected in ways that cannot be explained with words. The Arts allow us to step out of our personal worlds and minds and share experiences with others regardless of any other considerations.

I am incredibly lucky to be able to devote my life to the Arts and I thank you for helping me to create beautiful music and connect people. Thank you for putting your trust and faith in Beethoven ReImagined. I hope you enjoy the music, and recognize that you have made it possible to produce this record and share these incredible pieces with people around the globe.

Below is an alphabetical list of the incredible people who have contributed to fund Beethoven ReImagined as of April 28, 2018. (Note - this list does not include the extraordinary and generous individuals who have reached out to me privately, or who have listed their Indiegogo donations anonymously).

Sonya Feinberg Addo

Dee Alexander

Neal Anderson

Alfred Arbogast

Serena Benedetti

Sylvia Betcher and Martin Korn

Liran Brennan

Morton Cahn

Moses Chan

Bozena Checinska

Jim Cochran

Dave Dash

Sean Devendorf

Liz and Brad Duckrow

Sally Fillmore

David and Courtney Filner

Lea Gershanov

Marji Gold

Seth Goldman

Wendy Goldstein

Hrithik Govardhan

Charles and Sandy Greer

Izabela Grocholski

Alistair Hayden

Joe and Dottie  Highland

Nathan and Jenni Hill

Joel Howell

Brian Hsu

Warren Hsu

Janine Joseph

Rebeca and Asher Kimchi

Eitan Kimchi

Eyal Kimchi and Andrea Spencer

Pat Lawless

Joshua Levenson

John Marcy and Judy Christy

Monika Markowicz

David  Mastrangelo

Diane Mellon

Silas Meredith

Alexander Mishnaevski

Bob Morrow

Eric Morrow

Tomasz  Niewiarowski

Sahar Nouri

Jorge Parodi

Annaliesa Place

Carolyn Reid

Brad Rosenberg

Ben Rous

Wendell Ruiz

Sharon Ryder

Daniel and Kat Salini

Kyle Saulnier

Shelly Saxon

Patsy Schroeder

Karina Segal

Dana Segal Skelton

Umesh and Angela Shankar

William Shapiro

Akiko Silver

Fiona Simon

Kate Spencer

Dennis Spencer

Ann and Dick Sullivan

Megan Tan

Shmuel Tatz

Qiang Tu

Craig Urquhart

Dee Wilson

Barbara Yahr


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